ECE3Sat SubModules

ADCS: Attitude Determination And Control System

Satellite tumbling in space - Extracted from the ESA video "Space debris - a journey to Earth" Attitude Determination And Control System (ADCS) The ADCS is divided into 4 modules. It is important to note that the ADCS system is currently based on a preliminary design and is subject to changes. The objectives of each module are depicted in the following list: The SENS is composed of a set of sensors. This set will have to harvest data in order to get information about the CubeSat position. Read more

EPS: Electrical Power Supply

In a clean room at Astrotech, the solar panels of the Dawn spacecraft are extended to their full extent - From Electrical Power Supply (EPS) The Electrical Power Supply, or EPS of the CubeSat is composed by three modules which are the PCC (Power Control Circuit), the PV (photovoltaic panel) and the BAT (Battery). The role of the EPS is to generate, store and distribute the electricity produced by the solar panels. Subsystems of EPS PCC is responsible for the voltage regulation, the modules protection and the energy distribution. In others words, it has to manage the energy through the ECE3Sat. Read more

OBC: On Board Computer

Raspberry Pi Zero, a minimal single-board computer - From On Board Computer (OBC) Presentation The On Board Computer, or OBC, is the brain of the satellite and has different missions such as the coordination of all the actions, sending orders to the different modules, the reception and storage of information of the CubeSat, sending this information back to Earth via the TCS error handling within the CubeSat. Subsystem division The OBC is divided into three subsystems which are Microcontroller, Interfaces and Electronics. Read more

TCS: Telecommunication System

Ground station at Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific, Hawaii - From Telecommunication System (TCS) Presentation The TCS, or telecommunication system, communicates with the Ground Control Station. It sends data to the Earth and receive orders (to shut down the satellite because of an external factor for example). The data sent to the Ground Control Station are transmitted to the TCS by the OBC. And, in the same way, orders sent from Earth to TCS are transmit to the OBC. Subsystem division The TCS is divided in three subsystems which are Antenna, Modulation/Demodulation (MODEM) and Data processing. Read more